Rachel Evangeline Chiong



Graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto in Linguistics and Egyptology (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations).


Zadrečka Valley Slovenian

Documented regressive spreading in palatals through ultrasound technology alongside Andrea Macavonić and under the research and supervision of Professor Peter Jurgec. Studies were conducted in the Zadrečka Valley with elderly participants in order to analyze blocking and consonant harmony of the local dialect.

> The 3rd Ljubljana–Toronto Workshop on Slovenian Phonology (University of Ljubljana / 07.04.2017)
> CRC-Sponsored Summer Phonetics/Phonology Workshop (University of Toronto / 09.15.2017)
> The 4th Workshop on Slovenian Phonology (University of Toronto / 03.06.2018)
> Undergraduate Research Forum (University of Toronto / 03.14.2018)
> (Absent) Annual Meeting on Phonology (University of California Santa Cruz / 11.06.2018)

> “Kanadski jezikoslovci raziskovali narečje v spodnji Zadrečki dolini” (trans: Canadian Linguists Research the Dialect in the Lower Zadrečka Valley). Savinjske novice. July 28, 2017.
> “Palatalization consonant harmony in Zadrečka Valley Slovenian supports Agreement-by-Correspondence”. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory (NALA). To Be Published.


Tamil, Punjabi, and Gujarati

Analyzed Punjabi and Gujarati data while collecting ultrasound information from Tamil speakers alongside Connie Ting, Kiranpreet Nara, and Dr. Seetha Jayaraman under the supervision and research of Professor Alexei Kochetov.

"The purpose of this work is phonetic documentation of retroflexion in South Asian languages, which is part of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Standard Research Grant #435-2015-2013 ‘Imitation of articulatory gestural patterns’. The purpose is to compare retroflexes in Tamil, a Dravidian language (where these are expected to be more extreme) to those in the Indo-Aryan languages such as Punjabi and Gujarati.”

Related Reading:
”The retroflex-dental contrast in Punjabi stops and nasals: A principal component analysis of ultrasound images”. Interspeech 2018. September 2-6, 2018.


UC Award (2018)

Norman Epstein Award (2018)

Student Engagement in the Arts (2018)

UC Merit Award (2018)

UC Award (2017)


UC Writing Awards (Selections Committee)
2016 - 2018

During scholarship season, I spend a month working with staff and faculty to review a slew of written submissions for the UC Writing Awards. I offer my editorial experience to find works that best represent the quality and values of the college. Such scholarships involve the Meyer Greenstein, Norma Epstein, and Frederic Davidson awards.

Planning Committee (UConnect)
January 2018

Served in the UConnect Leadership committee to support the organizers in spearheading the 100+ attended conference. Additionally facilitated a workshop in the conference, "CTRL + ALT + DEL: Troubleshooting in Facilitation and Leadership", in collaboration with colleague Kelly Curran.

Student Leader (University College: THRIVE)
2015 - 2017

Engaged in the planning committee and mentorship with first year students for University College’s frosh.