Rachel Evangeline Chiong


credit:  Julie Mai

credit: Julie Mai


Rachel Evangeline Chiong is a multi-field artist and academic. On paper, she is a music and culture journalist for publications such as The Philippine Reporter and A.side. She has won the Norma Epstein Foundation Award in poetry and published her short story as the national winner of the Young Writers of Canada Manuscript Contest. As a spoken word performer, she gigs with her partner in the duo Konstangeline and has facilitated workshops with the Toronto Public Library and The Kapisanan. She believes that as much as language is an art it is also a science, and graduated the University of Toronto as a linguist specialist with a focus on ultrasound technology. She is all these things and a human too, who loves her friends very much and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for their support. 

For booking information to shoot, perform, write, or speak contact rachel.evan.chiong@gmail.com!

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